[Editor’s note: This letter is in response to Galib Mammadov’s article, “Nagorno Karabakh Conflict: Armenia’s Victory or Nightmare?“, published in Foreign Policy Journal on October 13, 2011.]

Dear Sir:

As an Armenian individual, I wish to make the following comments in an unambiguous and simple form with respect to the subject issue, of course with due consideration of all rules of civility and political correctness:

Firstly, I wish to thank and express my appreciation to Mr. Galib Mammadov for his concerns about Armenia’s present and future social and economical problems. But he does not need to worry so much since Armenians have gained valuable experience and knowledge in handling and overcoming such problems during their five thousand years of history.

Secondly, based on the current international community’s mind set which views Azerbaijan as a temporary and short lived country, I advise Mr. Mammadove to concentrate his studies and attention to explore ways and means to safeguard the interest of his fellow countrymen in a future shrunken territory.

Thirdly, the mind set of Mr. Mammadov and the ruling elite of his country adamantly cling to the soviet era dimensions and refuse to enter into the twenty first century and face the truth about peoples’ rights to live free and restoration of a grave historical injustice, with due respect, resembling a wandering spirit which is not aware that the body which it had occupied has long been perished.


Yessayi Rubenyan