The association of Barkan, et al, with porn and snuff movies, and their luring of Australian and New Zealand girls into their quagmire is not atypical. Zionism and organized crime have historically worked at all levels, high and low, and Israel has provided a safe haven for Jewish gangsters under the “law of return.” In 1945 Bugsy Siegel began providing funds and weapons to the Haganah in their fight against the British in Palestine, after a meeting between Siegel and Reuven Dafne, emissary of the embryonic Israeli army.[34] Doc Stacher, one of the Meyer Lansky syndicate, reached Israel in 1964, after having problems with the IRS. Meyer Lansky, a close friend of Zionist financier Samuel Rothberg, was only returned from Israel to the USA when Israel required Phantom jets, and they found it expedient to sacrifice an old friend, who nonetheless stayed out of jail. Moe Dalitz, an old time gangster from Cleveland received the Anti-Defamation League’s “Torch of Freedom” award in 1985 for his large donations to Israel, garnered form his murderous criminal regime over the decades. Mo Sedgway, a Lansky colleague and leading figure in Las Vegas, also served as chairman of the Nevada United Jewish Appeal. Max Fisher, founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and an important presidential adviser on the Middle East since the time of Eisenhower, started as a bagman for the Purple Gang that smuggled Bronfman whiskey from Canada to the USA. Fisher became chairman of United Brands, a firm accused of major narcotics smuggling from South America. He headed sundry Zionist organizations such as the UJA, Council of Jewish Federations, and the American Jewish Committee.[35]

As for the Barkan association with pornography, and the enticement of girls into the racket, Israel itself is a center of this, the focus being on Eastern European girls who are lured to Israel with false promises, their passports taken, and kept in a state of drugged stupor.[36] A closer analogy to Barkan is that of Arie Scher, who operated child prostitution sessions whilst also serving as administration consul for the Israeli consulate in Rio de Janeiro, and at some time had served a consul general. Scher catered for Israeli tourists at his residence. When Brazilian police attempted to arrest him for “exploiting minors and prostituting them” he hid out at the consulate. He then escaped back to Israel via Argentina.[37] Once Scher had reached the safety of the criminal state, not only was nothing done, but five years later Israel aimed to have him serve as a diplomat in Australia, despite Brazilian police having asked Interpol to arrest Scher should he leave Israel.[38] A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Mark Regev, commented that Scher “was a young and single man at the time. Now he is married and he’s six years older and there is no reason why he shouldn’t make an excellent diplomatic appointment in Australia.”[39] Ironically Scher was supposed to replace Amir Laty who, after just eighteen months, had been expelled from Australia for espionage activities, while his tendency to pester women was also regarded as inappropriate. It had been Laty who had gone to New Zealand in 2004 to visit Cara and Kelman in jail. Australian ABC Radio journalist Louise Yaxley reported: “That visit could have been part of Mr. Laty’s consular duties but there are suggestions it was much more and that his links to a bungled operation in New Zealand are the real reason he had to get out of Australia.”[40]

Magnus International Search & Rescue

What was the SIS interest in the Israeli search and rescue team that had apparently been hired by the young Israelis’ parents? The assistance of the team, from Magnus International Search & Rescue, was rejected apparently because it did not have accreditation from the United Nations. That was not unique. There were others who were similarly rejected. However, it is reported that the team went into the “red zone” of the central city anyway. The team was reported to have been funded by the parents of Ofer Levy and Gabi Ingel. Appeals by the parents for the team to be able to assist had been “dismissed by New Zealand authorities”; however, they reached New Zealand and were discovered in the “red zone” of the city.[41] As with the number of Mizrahi passports, there is disagreement as to what transpired between the team and the police. Media reports state that the Israeli rescue team found in the “red zone” was removed by “armed New Zealand officers.” “That confrontation is said to have led to intense diplomatic exchanges between New Zealand and Israel, though police have refused to comment on the incident or even acknowledge that it happened.…”[42] However, Hilik Magnus, founder of Magnus Search & Rescue, states that the team had entered the “red zone” “accompanied by police.” More discrepancies. If the team entered with the assistance of police, despite the reports asserting that they were accompanied out under armed escort, why have NZ Police not commented on the matter? No request by New Zealand had been made for a search and rescue team from Israel, nor had the NZ Government received advance notice of the team’s intention to come to New Zealand, according to the Foreign Affairs Department.[43] Amidst these conflicting stories, what had not been picked up by any source was that the founder of Magnus International Search & Rescue, Yechiel “Hilik” Magnus, is a veteran Mossad operative. His profile on the company website states that,

He served in the Israel Defense Forces in an elite paratrooper battalion specializing in special operations. He fought in the Attrition War, First Lebanon War and the Yom Kippur War, remained a reserve officer for twenty years and served also in the intelligence community.[44]

The profile further states of Magnus that “he has built a unique network of contacts with authorities and private organizations across the world, advised foreign governments and security forces…” The company is also involved in legal matters, hostage negotiations, and rehabilitating Israeli drug addicts overseas. It operates in what is described as “high risk areas around the world.” The other key figures of the company are all former specialist officers of the Israeli Defense Force.[45]

The enquiries are not yet completed, but John Key seems to be more bothered by the SIS “whistle blower” who was presumably concerned about aspects of the enquiries, than about the possibilities of Mossad at work again in New Zealand. Key received much criticism for his initial refusal to answer questions on the SIS and police enquiries, stating that it was “not in the national interest.”[46] Was this “national interest” also Israel’s given Key’s commitment to strengthening ties with Zionist state, as well as having personal attachments? Just after being elected in 2008, Key’s interests in Israel were reported by the National Business Review:

New Prime Minister John Key has pledged to continue rebuilding strong ties between New Zealand and Israel.

“Israel is a country that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit, but one for which I definitely have a great respect, especially in its economic growth and high-tech strength,” Mr. Key said in a telephone interview with Israel Radio on Tuesday.

The Mossad spy affair involving forgeries of New Zealand passports four years ago which led to a prolonged suspension of ties, “should be put behind us,” Mr. Key said.

“We want the relations to be on a strong foundation and a strong footing to allow us to move forward. That’s my intention.”

He spoke of his “historic connections” to Judaism and Israel. “I have a Jewish mother and grandmother who lived in Israel for some time and I have relatives there, whom I have not seen since my own childhood.”[47]

As of this writing Key has issued a decisive order: “get rid of the SIS whistle blower.”


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