While I do acknowledge Osama bin Laden’s treachery, the US has made three important mistakes which are going to come into prolonged focus once the “celebrations” die down:  First, this was vengeance, not justice. Bin Laden should have been captured and tried in a court of law with international legitimacy; not the kangaroo courts of Guantánamo; and certainly not the military equivalent of a summary execution. This will fuel further terrorism, not thwart it. Second, that it took ten years for the combined resources of the US military and intelligence structures to locate bin Laden points to the utter incompetence and inefficiency of the US government agencies responsible; it is in no way a cause for celebration. If anything, this will give confidence to terrorists, and not thwart them. Third, once again the US administration makes the mistake of trying the solve terrorism by treating its symptoms, not its true cause, which is a failed US foreign policy in the Middle East. If the US administration was to support a Palestinian homeland, stop supporting Israeli terrorism, close Guantánamo, stop invading and occupying Muslim nations, and stop thwarting UN efforts to deal with these issues, the threat of terrorism would be neutralized. The killing of Osama bin Laden today represents yet another in a series of extraordinary mistakes by the US administration which can only undermine efforts to reduce the threat of terrorism.

Dr Rory E. Morty

Giessen, Germany.