Among the “partners of the Foundation,” along with Green Cross, etc., is the New Policy Forum, founded in 2010 by Gorbachev as successor to the World Policy Forum. This has precisely the same intent as other globalist forums such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and CFR: “…to bring together current political leaders, veterans of international politics, intellectuals and civil society representatives in a common effort to develop new ideas and new policies for the XXI century.”

The main priority of the New Policy Forum at its initial stage is: Considering issues relating to global governance. Sovereignty issues and efforts to diminish the negative impact of decisions taken at the government level and having global repercussions. The role and the future of European development in the contemporary world.

The NPF was launched in Luxembourg in 2010, with the first meeting of its Academic Advisory Board, which includes “prominent experts, scholars and mass media figures.”


Gorbachev’s political future in Russia was dim, and he became an unpopular figure, to the extent that he was feted by Western politicians.[64] Although the reconstructed Communist Party under Zyuganov – which looks more to Stalin than to Lenin and champions Russian traditionalism, including the Orthodox Church[65] – emerged as the largest party in the Duma, Yeltsin won the presidency with the help of an abundance of funds from oligarchic supporters.[66] Gorbachev’s future clearly rests not within the confines of Russia, but as a luminary on the world stage as an international statesman promoting a “new world,” and as a zealot for the reanimated corpse of 19th Century “economic liberalization” that over the past several decades has become a fad with ex-socialists. Hence Gorbachev, like other globalist high-fliers, is not bound to any nation, let alone a political party, and has developed a worldwide network that appears to be just as extensive as that of George Soros, NED, Freedom House, and others, for the purpose of undermining the sovereignty of states, with a focus on Russia.

Gorbachev has delivered an ultimatum to Putin, several weeks after similar comments by NED’s Gershman, not to stand for presidential re-election, or else there will be “social unrest.” Russia’s interregnum along the globalist path under Gorbachev and Yeltsin was brief. As with the rise of Stalin, Russia again has shown herself to be untrustworthy in following the “right direction” according to the requirements of international capital.


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