On Saturday, Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, vetoed a draft Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory. What a mockery Ambassador Rice has made of the Security Council, particularly considering that all other 14 members unanimously voted in favor of the resolution. As long as the US continues to abuse its veto power and undermine the very principles on which the United Nations is founded: promoting adherence to International Law; it is patently clear that the Security Council loses any meaning in international relations today. In this particular instance, Ambassador Rice directly supported Israel’s blatant and criminal disregard of International Law. In doing do, Ambassador Rice has undermined the credibility of the United Nations as a viable partner in promoting peace in the Middle East, in, indeed, undermined the United Nations as an institution. How exactly does Ambassador Rice reconcile that with apparently trying to broker a solution to the Israel- Palestine conflict? This appalling incident highlights a desperate need for Security Council reform before the US mission to the United Nations does any further damage to the United Nations itself.

Dr Rory E. Morty