Abdul Hamid Rigi. Photo - Reuters

Who? Iran executed insurgent group Jundullah leader.

What? Authorities in Tehran hanged minority Baloch leader Abdul Hamid Rigi.

Where? The hanging took place in south eastern Iranian city of Zahedan, the provincial capital of Sistan-Balochistan, a Baloch majority region.

When? The execution took place on Monday morning.

Why? Iranian authorities blame Jundullah, a group fighting for Baloch minority rights, of destabilizing the country by waging a war against the Islamic republic. The Baloch leader was accused by Iran of drug dealing, murders, inciting violence and working for U.S. and al-Qaeda.

How? Jundullah which means Army of God has waged a spate of suicide and road-side bombings, kidnappings and assassinations against the Islamic regime in Tehran to win more rights for the impoverished Baloch minority in south-eastern Iran. The executed leader was captured by Pakistan and extradited to Iran in February this year.