In Shanland: Human Side of War,” the latest video in the series In Shanland, shot in Mae Sot and Chiang Mai, the war reaches outside of Burma. by Antonio Graceffo.

The war effects of the war in Burma don’t stop at the border. Host Antonio Gracefo takes us to a Buddhist monastery in Thailand where a Shan soldier, Tun Yee, has returned to the monk-hood, in order to travel to a border town where he heard a runor that his mother was still alive. “I don’t remember her face,” Tun Yee told Antonio in a previous video, entitled “Orphan to Soldier.” Since that horrible day, ten or eleven years ago, when the SPDC burned his village and murdered many of his neighbors, Tun Yee hasn’t had any word of his mother. Up in Mae Sot, Antonio talks with Michael, an Australian artist is creating a sculpture to call attention to the atrocities the SPDC soldier commit against ethnic Karen women, gang raping them and then slicing off their ears in order to steal their silver jewelry.