“In Shanland: Medical Mission (Part 1),” the latest video in the series In Shanland shot in the war zone of Burma by Antonio Garceffo is now available on YouTube.

Antonio Graceffo accompanies a volunteer medical mission on a visit to SSA headquarters in Loi Tailang, where they render much needed medical aid to the war orphans and abandoned children. Hear “Steve” an aid worker, with nearly twenty years of Burma experience explain the conflict. “What these children need most is the one thing no one can give them right now, freedom for their country.” Steve goes on to say, “I don’t believe it is wrong for them to fight for their country, to even kill for their country, but …even in the act of killing, you can be motivated by love.” Steve applies his life philosophy to the children of the conflict, “The most powerful force, historically is not hate, and it’s not brutality, which this regime is known for, it’s love.”