Wanted: Antonio Graceffo

“In Shanland: Grandfather With One Leg,” the latest video in the series In Shanland, shot in the war zone of Burma, by Antonio Garceffo is now available on YouTube.

In this new episode, Antonio Graceffo interviews an aged Shan man who was captured by the Burmese SPDC forces, held and tortured for four years, and then released to a life of slave labor. The Burmese soldiers used him as a human mine detector and porter, forcing him to walk in front of them through the minefields. Eventually, his luck ran out. He stepped on a mine and his leg was blown off. He lay for six days, suffering in the jungle, where the Burmese soldiers left him. Eventually, he was found by a Shan State Army patrol, who took him to the SSA base at Loi Tailang, where he lives today, playing grandfather to the many refugee children.       

Inside the war zone of Burma, under protection of the Shan State rebel army, Host, Antonio Graceffo interviews refugees, soldiers, civilians, all victims of the junta that rules Burma. The Shan are one of Burma’s many ethnic minorities being subjected to genocide at the hands of heir own government.