The End of the Responsibility to Protect?

Critics of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and interventionism in general have long accused international humanitarian action of being a form of imperialism cloaked in humanitarianism. The BRIC/IBSA countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa; hereafter referred to as BRICS) are beginning to unite around this skepticism, countering western enthusiasm. The first four BRICS countries refused to vote in favor of the decision to intervene in Libya due to a desire to pursue policies of non-intervention. When NATO used the UN mandate in Libya to justify regime change, BRICS countries only hardened their support for non-intervention, with South Africa joining the quasi-alliance in the UN. After the recent resolution condemning Syria failed to pass through the UN Security Council, it seemed clear that for many politicians in BRICS United Nationscountries, humanitarian intervention has become no more than an inappropriate violation of national sovereignty. Consequently, though the intervention in Libya can be considered a success, it has created a general cloud of suspicion surrounding western humanitarian efforts that will continue to be an obstacle to the implementation of the R2P doctrine elsewhere.

The R2P in Libya

In the early weeks of March, it seemed as though the rebel army in Libya was going to be crushed by Muammar Qaddafi’s troops. Rebel forces were surrounded in Benghazi when the Security Council passed Resolution 1973 authorizing a No-Fly Zone (NFZ) over Libya in order to protect the civilian population. Though the UN mandate specifically outlined a humanitarian mission to protect the Libyan noncombatants, NATO officials quickly made the decision that Qaddafi must be forced from power. Thus, the mission quickly morphed from the more passive act of enforcing a NFZ to a more offensively minded regime change operation. In conjunction with the rebel forces, NATO air strikes brought down the Qaddafi government. The night that Qaddafi’s compound was overrun, in fact, NATO airships repeatedly struck Tripoli to facilitate the rebel advance. Even today, with Qaddafi on the loose, NATO missiles are still aiding the efforts of the National Transitional Council.

The Obama administration attempted to use the Libyan example as a way to redefine the way in which the United States formulates its foreign policy. The President and his advisers invoked the Responsibility to Protect to defend the decision to intervene in Libya and later released the Presidential Study Directive on Mass Atrocities that defined preventing potential massacres, like the one in Libya, as “a core national security interest and a core moral responsibility of the United States.” For supporters of R2P, the presidential directive was evidence that the United States was reformulating its approach to atrocities around the world and institutionalizing R2P into American foreign policy.

Moreover, the Obama administration required a multilateral approach to the intervention in order to differentiate American actions in Libya from the unilateralism that came to define the foreign policy of George Bush. President Obama insisted that international action be requested by local forces, approved by the Arab League and legitimized by the UN. Additionally, the insistence that European allies take the lead facilitated the rise of Obama’s ‘lead from behind’ mantra.

For interventionists in the United States and Europe, the military action in Libya was considered a success: Qaddafi was removed from power without setting the boot of a western soldier on the ground. For the Obama administration, multilateral humanitarian intervention had become the norm.

History might look back favorably on the NATO decision to ensure the fall of the Qaddafi regime. Diplomatically, however, the decision to intervene in Libya and the subsequent expansion of NATO activities outside of the UN mandate were highly controversial. Brazil, Russia, and China all abstained from the original mandate (along with Germany); South Africa voted in favor, understanding that the resolution would be used only to protect civilians and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Those states that were skeptical about the intervention were further antagonized by NATO’s decision to pursue regime change in Libya. Though NATO officials reiterated their belief that the mission held true to the UN mandate, Russian officials openly accused the alliance of overstepping its authority and pursuing regime change in Tripoli. As the NATO mission morphed into an offensive aiming at regime change, South African officials expressed frustration at the notion that NATO had adopted its own agenda; China consistently reiterated its support for maintaining the integrity of Libyan sovereignty and for finding a peaceful solution to the crisis; Brazil and India remained more muted in their criticisms, but have nonetheless took stands against the NATO air strikes. It is unsurprising, then, that the same countries that criticized NATO’s mission creep in Libya were hesitant to cooperate with western powers regarding Syria.

R2P in Syria

Unlike in the Libyan case, the proposed resolution concerning Syria did not authorize any use of international force or sanctions, but rather was a strict condemnation of the violence. The resolution did, though, hint at the possibility of later sanctions should the violence continue and never explicitly ruled out foreign military action. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said that the resolution would not “ease the situation” and the Russian envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, called the resolution a way to legitimize “already adopted unilateral sanctions and [an attempt] to forcefully overthrow regimes.”

The countries that abstained—Brazil, India, South Africa and Lebanon—all stressed the importance of finding a peaceful settlement through dialogue and reiterated the importance of Syrian territorial integrity. The link between NATO actions in Libya and the unwillingness of western allies to explicitly rule out the use of force in Syria was evident in the reactions of those opposed to the resolution.

South Africa said that previous council texts “had been abused and implementation had gone far beyond mandates” and that the council “should not be part of any hidden agenda for regime change.” The Russian foreign ministry was even more forthright, releasing a statement directly comparing the mission creep in Libya to the Syrian resolution:

Our wording proposals on the inadmissibility of external military intervention are not taken into account. And that, in view of the well-known events in North Africa, cannot but make us wary… The situation in Syria cannot be considered in the Security Council in isolation from the Libyan experience. The international community is wary of the statements being heard that the implementation of the Security Council resolutions in Libya as interpreted by NATO is a model for its future actions to exercise the “responsibility to protect.” It’s not hard to imagine that tomorrow “united defenders” may begin to apply this “exemplary model” in Syria as well.

The American ambassador to the United Nations walked out of the UNSC meeting after saying that the US was “outraged that [the UNSC] has utterly failed to address an urgent moral challenge and a growing threat to regional peace and security.” American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opined that Russia and China needed to “offer their own explanations to the Syrian people” and the British Foreign Secretary called the vetoes “deeply mistaken and regrettable.”

While Russia and China wielded their vetoes and received the lion’s share of blame from western capitals, the abstention of South Africa, India, Brazil and Lebanon is perhaps more telling of the major divide within the Security Council. The failure to pass a resolution on Syria is directly related to the actions of the NATO-led intervention in Libya, during which the United States and its allies overtly overstepped the UN mandate authorizing action. More importantly, the disagreements within the Security Council will have a direct impact on the future of the Responsibility to Protect.

The Future of R2P

The inability of the United States and its allies to push through even a watered-down version of the Syrian resolution clearly demonstrates that President Obama’s humanitarian intervention norm is not a global one. The BRICS countries have determined that humanitarianism should not compromise the sovereignty of individual states and should not restrict the rights of governments over domestic matters. This stance, of course, directly contradicts the new humanitarian basis of American foreign policy.

Interestingly, this stand against the interventionism of the R2P in Syria was made possible by the implementation of the same doctrine in Libya. It is impossible to remove the current impasse from the context of the Arab Spring, including the intervention in Libya. Thus, we cannot predict how the world would have responded to the Syrian uprising without NATO’s abuse of Resolution 1973. However, the abstention of South Africa and the accompanying reference to ‘hidden agendas’ perhaps suggests that the South African government felt betrayed by NATO’s regime change operation. Moreover, by repeatedly invoking the potentially illegal NATO action in Libya, the Russia foreign ministry made it clear that their opposition to the western resolution was strengthened by the Libya experience.

Consequently, those who celebrated the multilateral implementation of the R2P doctrine have been disappointed by how powerful developing countries have refused to stand behind R2P in Syria. The refusal to support the resolution on Syria by the BRICS countries demonstrates the clash in ideology that will prevent another multilateral implementation of the R2P. Russia, perhaps the most outspoken BRICS country on this issue, made it clear that the Security Council split was more than semantics, saying that the opposition to the resolution was “not so much a question of the acceptability of wording as a conflict of political approaches.”

Of course, the ‘conflict of political approaches’ is not new. Russia and China vetoed imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2008 and blocked a resolution condemning the actions of Burma in 2007. What is new, however, is the growing unity amongst Security Council members against the prospect of international intervention. While the BRICS countries certainly had reservations concerning the efficacy and morality of interventions, the ambitious and legally dubious NATO mission in Libya cemented their opposition to the tactic. Conversely, the United States and many of its European allies used the intervention in Libya to justify the righteousness and necessity of international action.

Whether the devotion of the west to R2P or the BRICS countries’ rejection of international action is better for humanity is irrelevant. The decision of NATO to push for regime change in Libya has brought the BRICS countries—two permanent UNSC members and three aspiring members—together, allied against any further international interventions. While many in the west are using the ouster of Qaddafi in Libya to validate the success of the R2P doctrine, the newly solidified alliance in the Security Council has viewed NATO actions in Libya to effectively block the ability of the west to implement R2P multilaterally. Considering the Obama administration’s disdain for unilateralism, the BRICS countries may have brought an end to the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

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Chris Keeler

Chris Keeler is a writer that specializes in politics of the Middle East with a special focus on democratic development. He writes at Notes from a Medinah and can be followed on Twitter @onthemiddleeast. 

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  • Lot of words to say lot of nonsense in my opinion.
    The UN resolution 1973 calling for a no-fly zone in Libya was based on false information provided by western countries and there has never been any intention to protect the Libyan civilians whatsoever. The resolution just served to obtain popular support in western countries for a colonial war. The ‘rebels’ in Libya are nothing more than a group of crap people, terrorists, etc… brought in by western countries and provided with weapons, military assistance, etc by these same western countries, while discussions are going on to steel the Libyan state assets in western banks for supporting the terrorists. There has never been a no-fly zone for the protection of civilians in Libya. NATO is still bombing the Libyan civilians or may-be I am wrong, and is NATO bombing without flying? It is all about R2P, indeed, not “Responsibility to Protect civilians” but “Responsibility to Protect the interests of oil companies and the military complex”. But I understand the problem, R2PTIOCATMC is probably somewhat complicated for being an abbreviation. The US calls for “R2P civilians” in Libya while at home policemen beat “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators. This time no Sarkozy and Cameron crying for “liberty and revolution” and R2P US citizens. May-be the revolutionaries are tired from drinking champagne and fucking top models in their palaces.

    • You have a whole lot going on there and none of it is really relevant to the article. The true reasons for western intervention in Libya are irrelevant to my piece. The point is that the west went beyond the UN mandate. Consequently, BRICS countries are unlikely to authorize another mandate using the justifications given for the Libyan intervention.

      Conspiracy theory or not, NATO actions in Libya have made multilateral actions mandated by the UN less likely. Period. (See exhibit A: Syria)

      (Crap people? Really?)

      • Edward

        Chris: Combining your point with Patrodtard’s point we have to come to the conclusion that the UN has proven itself to be irrelevant for it seems that resolution 1973 meant whatever those who had a hand in it wanted it to mean and this is proven by the subsequent failure of he UN to take a stand on NATO’s destruction of Libya and more importantly its complete failure to protect the basic human right to the truth, life and ownership of property. In fact not only did the UN fail to protect Libyans right to their property but it spared no effort to allocate Libya’s resources to NATO puppets who set themselves up as the new rulers of Libya.
        So it seems that from any angle of observance the UN has become just as irrelevant as its predecessor “The League of Nations”

        • Edward – good points, but I would argue that it depends on relevant means. True, it was unable to reign in NATO or control the intervention. However, it proved to be very effective in terms of multilateral, international diplomacy. Had the UN simply rubber stamped western action in Syria, I might agree. Yet the fact that there was disagreement means that, in some ways, the UN is doing its job.

          While I would say that it is inefficient and unjust in terms of division of power between states, it is not irreparable. It failed in Libya and succeeded (in a way) in Syria.

  • THE

    There are a few real reasons as to why America is sending its Troops to Uganda, but they will not be mentioned by America, or its Media.

    The Collective Media is basically Saying that Obama notified Congress claiming a campaign to remove from the battlefield the Rebel’s leader, Joseph Kony, but American troops will not fight unless fired upon, even though they may be Secretly ordered by Obama to provoke the situation in order make the American troops use their weapons.

    The Rebel’s who see themselves as Christians are known as the Lord’s Resistance Army, and they are accused of being as Guilty of Crimes as America’s Allies the Kosovo Albanians for whom America and the European Union cover up.

    England, America, France, Germany, and Al-Qaeda Turkey need the Kosovo Precedent to break up existing Continental European Countries, even though it is for different reasons.

    Just like a Corrupt and Greedy Cleaner of Graffiti will Fund a Secret Partner who makes the Graffiti; so also with America and its Secretly created and Funded Al-Qaeda is the American Plutocrats and Bankers Secret Ally to make Dirty Money from the Military Industrial Complex.

    America is Allies with Al-Qaeda, and with Al-Qaeda Turkey, and they want to give Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania to the Muslims, because England and America are their Allies.

    I do not know the truth of the allegations against the Lord’s Resistance Army, but I know that America is the greatest Slanderer in the World, but these Rebels could be America’s Secret created and Funded Allies, just like Al-Qaeda is.

    We know that Belgrade did not allow a Homosexual Shame Parade, and the Homosexuals of this World who control England and America were not impressed with not being allowed to slow the world that they are Proud of falling in love with other Men’ Anuses.

    Even the English Media is contributing to the Propaganda with Articles such as “Atheist Ugandan works his magic on British humanists”, who are really pretend humanitarians, and the Article was really on how Most Ugandans do not think that Homosexuality is Normal.

    We know that America and its Saudi Arabian Muslim Allies have plans in Europe, and we know that the Serb Minority in Kosovo are Orthodox Christians.

    This is why the American People need to lied to with the Propaganda, and America rarely times matters for no reason, and Obama needs the Homosexual Votes and their Campaign Money.

    If Obama was concerned about Human Rights and Democracy, then he could start with Bahrain, because it is such a small Island, and America has a Military Base right on that small island, but we know that America is the biggest Hypocrite in the World along with the biggest Slanderer, and Warmonger.

    There could People who think that America would be reluctant to fund any IMF Money to the Euro Zone, because the Euro Zone will Default on it.

    There are many People who think that before can Kosovo become Independent, then Camp Bondsteel must be destroyed, and the America must understanding that they should leave continental Europe Completely and Permanently.

    There are People who think that Russia should ask the United Nations Security Council to pass a Resolution that Russia can have a Military Base in any Continental European Union Country that welcomes them, and the European Countries should also agreements to this, because it is a Basic Democratic Right.

    A European and Russian Mutual Defence and Stability Treaty would not be an Empire Building Axis of Evil that consumes vast amounts of scarce Resources, but it would enable these Countries to spend more of their Money on Civilian Projects to Benefit their Citizens.

  • Jethro

    It is supremely painful when conspiracy theorists desire to engage in an intellectual, academic debate. If one seeks much drama in life, support a conspiracy theory! If one wants to find and answer to a real political situation, then give a reasoned answer…Please do not factor in irrelevant statement and then proceed to label the efforts of an academic as irrelevant.

    I am in full agreement with you Mr Keeler. However, with the UN aspiring to be the spearhead of World Peace and Resolution, it helps to also remember on the other hand that it is a multinational organisation…Part Economic, part security, part legal, but always political. People on the street often forget that between reality and aspirations, there is always an implementation deficit. This is because action requires general “buy-in” from the ground up. Furthermore, if the UN exercises authority only based on the consensus of the members, then it is entirely limited. However, the UN has performed much good in the world; so numerous are the positive actions of the UN that one might take years to name them all!

    Therefore, the UN is hardly irrelevant, because in reality, it remains the only bona fide global platform from which to discuss pertinent global issues. It is true that it has in the past been (dare I say) hijacked by “unbalanced” forces, but it would seem that the decline in “might” of the traditional powers is creating a vacuum that is being filled by the powerful emerging markets: BRICS.

    In terms of humanitarian efforts, it would seem that the Western “might is right” rule has been realised. However, this has been offset by the influence of the BRICS in not only the UNSC, but the General assembly as well. This need not be seen as the continual failure of the now New Powers following their history.Here, what is relevant to note is the development of club diplomacy and this at the UN!

    War is a sore reality; humanity will really really be rid of conflict. Therefore, in the study and contribution to the field of International Relations, one must remains close to the “ideals that can be pursued in the realist’s position in terms of shared global responsibility.” I have no doubt that as time progresses, the UN will become a more legitimate body because it has to allow for the buy-in of the developing world at this point in our history.

    Syria and Libya have performed well. It is good that Western Powers are helping to overthrow dictators – something the BRICS seem entirely unwilling to stand against. the fact that the BRICS now stand against regime change legitimizes their opinion based on the track record of the Western Powers. No one is fully legitimate if one goes about war by declaring morality! Still, it is necessary…This is why balanced, shared interest must be pursued over morality in International Relations.

    I am a South African doing my Honours in International Relations. My position is in contrast to the Government’s. this is also a very general response because your other readers made “certain” comments. In short, intervention is good in this case, but the pursuit of the West I believe will be reigned in soon. BRICS must become a more solidified, coherent political body to do this.

    • Edward

      If the UN is relevant then why is it that those who have the power to do so consistently ignore it. To quote Libya as a “performed well” boggles the mind.

  • THE

    The Media said that a bill authorizing Obama to aid Uganda in stopping Kony passed unanimously in the Senate in March and unanimously in the House in May.

    A few days ago, a Ugandan for America has was given the 2011 Geneva Swiss human rights prize on the Homosexual activism, and I already said that Switzerland would be Militarily Neutral, but an Ally of America in a Secret and Subtle way, and ‘Human Rights’ rather than Human Responsibilities Awards would be one way of doing that.

    Even the English Media is contributing to the Propaganda with Articles such as “Atheist Ugandan works his magic on British humanists”, who are really pretend humanitarians, and the Article was really on how Most Ugandans who have a Democratic Right to an Opinion, think that Homosexuality is not Normal.

    I do not know the truth of the allegations against the Lord’s Resistance Army, but I know that America is the greatest Slanderer in the World, but these Rebels could be America’s Secret created and Funded Allies, just like Al-Qaeda is.

    A fortnight ago, the Belgrade Homosexual Shame Parade was Very Reluctantly called off by the American and European Union Puppet Serbian Government for Public Safety Reasons, because the Police Union said they would not attend the occasion.

    The only sensible thing was to not allow the Homosexuals to Embarrass themselves, or to pollute Belgrade’s Streets, and People’s Minds.

    We can se why some People call Homosexuals Queers, because they should have not wasted valuable time, but they should have been enjoying themselves by licking each others anuses, rather than wasting their time to tell others that they have no shame, and that they think that this is the same as having pride.

    Regardless of all of this the Influential Homosexuals of England and America were not impressed, because they wanted to use any violence as a signal to steal Kosovo.

    What is interesting is that if this bill was really passed all that time ago, then why the lack of urgency to be ‘humanitarian’ and over 100 American Troops.

    The thing that should be worrying is that the both Houses of Congress may all be lying that they passed this bill all that time ago.

    The fact that this Ugandan Matter was voted for unanimously and apparently Secretly, and with all these other things that I mentioned makes it look like this entire thing was planned to try to steal Kosovo.

    The European Union has also been timing their Complicity to Genocide by offering Serbia a rotten carrot of Genocide inside the European Union.

    This is why the American People need to be lied to with State Department Propaganda, and America always times matters for their schemes, and the Democrats want the Homosexual Votes and their Campaign Money.

    If Obama was concerned about Human Rights and Democracy, then he could start with Bahrain, because it is such a small Island, and America has a Military Base right on that small island, but we know that America is the biggest Hypocrite in the World along with being the biggest Slanderer, and the biggest Warmonger.

    America times matters precisely, and anyone who did not know these things, know knows them, because we can look at how all of this was planned far in advance.

    It is very interesting why America says nothing about Saudi Arabia not having Homosexual Shame Parades in their Country.

    The English, American, and French backed Rebels in Libya who are really Al-Qaeda, agreed with America even before America sided with the Libyan Al-Qaeda Rebels to ban Alcohol and to ban Homosexuality in Libya, and to write this in their Constitution if they ever gained control of Libya.

    England, America, and France, and Al-Qaeda Turkey need the Kosovo Precedent to break up existing Continental European Countries, even though it is for different reasons.

    The Architects of the NLC would probably want to add Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Northern Italy, Greater Albania, Turkey, and possibly Egypt and Libya to the Group, with Switzerland remaining Militarily Neutral, but Allied to the Northern League Community in other Secret Ways, but only because of the Changed Realities.

    Perhaps the Anglo-American and French led Arab Muslim Spring Northern League Community is really much of Northern Europe and much of Northern Africa.

    America is Allies with Al-Qaeda, and with Al-Qaeda Turkey, and they want to give Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania to the Muslims, because England and America are their Allies.

    Officially, the Northern League Countries are Britain, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but perhaps there are Countries that are Unofficially in this Group, either because of Secret Reasons, or because they are as yet Undecided as to whether they should join.

    An article at on EU Observer Website Titled: UK: Northern summit was not Anti-European; can be found at, unless the contents and location of the article have been changed, although there is much more information of this on the Internet.

    The Video made by a famous America that is Titled: History of Kosovo, and be found at , unless the CIA changes the contents and location of that Video in an attempt to discredit what I wrote.

    • THE, please keep your comments limited to the topic of the article.

  • Dom

    Chris, a very interesting article.

    NATO and various similarly-inclined NATO bodies have created what seems to be a string of victories for humanity, under the banner of “Responsibility to Protect”. But they are in fact, more like Phyrric victories. The cost of these successes is a deeper suspicion of the West, particularly efforts lead by America.

    Even if these actions are considered as with the best of intentions, there always seems to be some kind of collateral. While there is little doubt that NATO aerial support, particularly from France, Britain and the USA, was instrumental in the displacement of the Gaddafi regime, which had indisputably lost its legitimacy to rule, reports continued to come back telling of civilian casualties. Whether as a case of mistaken identity, accidental peripheral damage or wanton destruction, civilians were not always protected. This tainted the mission of NATO’s intervention, even with its ultimate success.

    I believe in the United Nations, I believe it can make a very important difference in our world. Of course, there is an imbalance of power in what is supposed to be an ‘equalitarian forum’. One of the most crucial of the UN’s role is it’s ability to intervene in desperate situations, whent he need for assistance is dire. And it seems to me that humanitarian intervention is the main way in which the UN carries out this role in such places, by going in and trying to resolve the issue themselves.

    If the responsibility to protect is coming to an end, are we witnessing a reduction in the usefulness of the United Nations? Or does the world have to go without this kind of aid until it realises that it truly needs it? Is it possible that the end of humanitarian intervention will herald in a new age of more effective measures and diplomacy?

    We will have to wait and see…

  • THE

    We know that NATO’s Kosovo Illegal and Immoral War was the first type of Responsibility to Protect, even though it was based on lies.

    It is a Responsibility to Protect Continental Europe to reveal the Evil Conspiracies of America as I have done in my comment, and this subject matter is not as narrow as some may think, because it covers broad areas of discussion.

    The Biased American Main Stream Media did not put the year of the things I mentioned, but it Deceptively said: “A bill authorizing Obama to aid Uganda in stopping Kony passed unanimously in the Senate in March and unanimously in the House in May”, but it did not say 2010, and just let People assume that it was 2011.

    Wikipeadia says: “In May 2009, U.S. President Obama signed into law the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act, legislation aimed at stopping Joseph Kony and the LRA. The bill passed unanimously in the Senate on March 11, 2010, and passed unanimously in the House of Representatives on May 13, 2010 with. On November 24 2010, President Obama delivered the strategy to disarm Joseph Kony and the LRA.”

    In his March 2011 speech, President Obama said that he United decided to intervene in Libya, because there will be times when our safety is not directly threatened, but our interests and values are.

    What is really interesting is that if this bill was really passed all that time ago, then why the lack of urgency to be ‘humanitarian’ and all over just 100 American Troops?

    The following paragraph is a comment from a reader at the B 92 Western Puppet Website.

    “BARRICADES: From my perspective, Serbs should remove barricades under following conditions: No Kosovo Albanian’s authorities can exercise any kind of controls on the territory of Northern Kosovo. No check points of any kind on administrative borders with Serbia manned by Kosovo Albanians. The statement I made here meets all the elements of UN resolution 1244. KFOR mandate is to maintain law and order, NOT to facilitate creation of Kosovo Albanian State. Northern Kosovo Serbs, you are with in your legal rights to defend your indigenous territory by all peaceful means available to you. However, if attacked by anyone you have a right and duty to defend yourself. You have to be careful here, the attack must be real and unauthorized by UNSC. Furthermore you must have compelling evidence that you have done all you could to avoid armed conflict. You have to understand these EULEX games. In essence, EULEX is determined to snatch Kosovo from Serbia any way they can, other then military means. Northern Kosovo is a pivotal in this sinister scheme. Serbs should play it smart and anticipate EULEX next move. Good luck my dear brothers and friends.”

  • THE

    The People of the World are thinking about the Responsibility to Protect, but this means the Obligation to Defect from the Corrupt American, European Union, and the Evil NATO Organization.

    This comment is what I truly believe to be the Secret and Honest thoughts of a Politician in America, and the Secret and Honest thoughts of a Politician in one of the European Union Countries, and the Secret and Honest thoughts of a Politician in a Country that wants to join the European Union.

    It will use some Poetic Licence, and the reason for this is to give some Poetic Justice to the Guilty.

    As an American and European Politician, I know just how corrupt I am, and just how corrupt most of the other European Union Politicians are.

    It is Extremely Difficult to find the correct words that would come close to describing us, and the words Dirt and Filth can only come close if they have feeling behind it.

    I am talking about the Corruption of being a human being, because most of the Politicians in America and Europe have ceased to be human beings years ago, because for such a long time, they have been nothing but two faced beasts in pretty dresses and suits.

    Most of us American European Politicians are expert Con Artists, Thieves, Murders, Liars, Puppets of the Big Banks and Corporations, Puppets of America and we are the True Traitors to our Citizens, and that was the only reason we were chosen by the Plutocrats to steal from the People, and to mistreat the People.

    Most of us, especially those in Leadership or Puppetship positions have volunteered to be filmed in Acts of Bestiality to gain the millions of Dollars and Euros at the expense of our Countries Citizens.

    We are not Democrats, but we are Evil Dictators who rig Elections, and our Media is our Evil Accomplices who cover up our Tyrannical Incompetence, which is the Natural Result of our Putrid Corruption.

    We know that we belong in Prison, but we know that is far too Merciful for Lowlife Scum like us, and we know that if the World is to survive, then we need to die.

    We do not want to die, and we know that the Citizens of our Country are slowly but surely waking up to us, and to our Incompetence and our Treachery against them.

    We know that there is just not enough room on this Planet for both of us, because our Evil Corruption and Genuine Incompetence will lead to the End of the World, or to another World War which would mean the end the of the World as we know it.

    American and European Union Politicians know that either we or our Citizens must go, and we have already said that we do not want to die, even though we thoroughly need to, and because the Planet will not survive if we are not vomited out of it.

    American and NATO Country Politicians will NEVER Admit to their Pre-Mediated Cold Blooded Murders and Genocides, their Puppetships, their Corruptions, their insatiable Greed for Power, their love for Bribes, and their Deliberately Perverting the Course of Justice by Failing to Prosecute the Guilty, or by Acquainting the Guilty, and Wrongfully Prosecuting and Imprisoning the Innocent.

    Our Citizens need to Fully Understand that we have never considered doing the Right Thing, and so why should we do it now, considering that we do not want to die, even though we know that we need to die.

    The same is also true of Many of the Unelected High Officials of the European Commission and the European Union which are Evil Dictatorship that are made to look like Democracies.

    The Euro Zone let Countries like Italy and Greece join the Euro Zone, and those decisions were Political and not Economic, because the Dictators were building their Evil Empire, and their Wallets with Bribes.

    This is what happens when High Officials are Selected by the Corrupt to further their insatiable Lust for Power and Money that can only bring death to the Citizens of America and the European Union, and for those Fools who aspire to join the self-inflicted suicide that is the European Union.

    If it is proven that not even one Politician in America or Europe wants to speak this, or that not even one Major Newspaper in America and Europe will not and Publish this, then it is because these Corrupt Rulers have conspired to attack their People and to kill their People.

    The Honourable thing for Many American And European Politicians to voluntarily beg to be executed for the good of the Nation, and for the good of the World.

    The People of the World are thinking about the Responsibility to Protect, but this means the Obligation to Defect from the Corrupt American, European Union, and the Evil NATO Organization.

  • THE

    There is A Responsibility to Protect Justice that every Judge has a Responsibly to Protect the Innocent, and to Protect the Community from the Guilty by not being Bribed to Pervert the Course of Justice.

    This comment proves the Corruption of Evil America, the Evil European Union, and the Evil NATO Organization, and this is not Milosevic propaganda, but it is based on facts, just like the American and NATO Murderers have schemed against Libya, and long after Slobodan Milosevic.

    I have slightly added to what Wikipedia says in order to provide more points for Consideration, and : Wikipedia Modified says: “Slobodan Milosevic was arrested by Yugoslav federal authorities on Saturday, 31 March 2001, on suspicion of corruption, abuse of power, and embezzlement at America’s demand. The investigation into Slobodan Milosevic faltered for lack of evidence, prompting America’s Puppet Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Dindic to send Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague where Slobodan Milosevic arrived at The Hague on 29 June 2011 to stand trial for charges of war crimes instead. Slobodan Milosevic conducted his own defence in the Five Year long trial, which ended without a verdict when he died under suspicious circumstances on 11 March 2006 in his prison cell in The Hague. Slobodan Milosevic who suffered from heart ailments and high blood pressure, died of a heart attack. The Biased and Corrupt Kangaroo Court denies any responsibility for Slobodan Milosevic’s death. If you can believe everything they say, they claim that he refused to take the prescribed medicines that may have been wrongly prescribed poisons which he possibly did take, but the Kangaroo Court denied that he took them, and The Hague claims, possibly falsely, that Slobodan Milosevic medicated himself instead.”

    There are People who will say that even though Hitler was not put on Trial, everyone accepts that he was Guilty, and that is because built such a huge Army, Navy, and Air Force to attack other Countries; his Illegal and Immoral Occupation of Czechoslovakia and invasion of Poland, along with many other things; whereas, the Serbs were only defending themselves from American Sponsored and Directed Aggressors.

    Had Hitler been put on Trial, then the Dirty and Unjust Tactics would not have been needed, as they were with Slobodan Milosevic, and the Prosecutors against Hitler could prove there case in at one month, but after Five Years, the Corrupt and Bribed Kangaroo Court could not prove their case against Slobodan Milosevic.

    This is just like America’s Puppet Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Dindic could not prove corruption, abuse of power, and embezzlement at America’s demand, yet America is Guilty of al of these things on top of Pre-mediating Conspiring with The European Union and NATO to commit Physical, Economic, and Cultural Genocide on the Innocent Serbian People.

    Milosevic knew, and student of History, knows that America never kept even one agreement that was made in writing with the Indians, and that they have not changed in the slightest, and so Milosevic was in a difficult position.

    These Videos shows us the true nature of the Kangaroo Courts that are set up by England and America, and that they are truly places of Show Trials and are places to further their Many Injustices, and Crimes against Humanity.

    At the same time, the Illegal, Immoral, and Corrupt International Criminal Court for the Former Yugoslavia are the Nazis method to whitewash Anglo-American Land Theft, and Anglo-American War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

    The Title of the Videos on the Internet is: SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT, and I found a five part Documentary on the internet, Unless the CIA changes the internet location, in an attempt to make me look like a liar or a deviant, in order to try to discredit what I wrote.

    SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 1/5, can be found at ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 2/5, can be found at ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 3/5, can be found at ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 4/5, can be found at ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 5/5, can be found at

    The Honourable thing for Most of the American and European Politicians to do is to Confess to their Guilt for the good of their Nations, and for the good of the World; however, they have No Honour, because Most of Them are the highest form of Rubbish on this Planet.

  • THE

    We know that England does not want to integrate further into the European Union, and in fact all they want is a Free Trade Agreement and Friendship the Euro Zone.

    England wants the Northern League Community in order to prevent Scotland from becoming Independent.

    Britain has said that there must be a Referendum on any further integration with the European Union, and that would mean the Euro Zone in particular.

    The English have said that they will extract concessions from the Euro Zone in order to be less Integrated with the Euro Zone.

    The British Isles which includes two European Union Countries of Britain and Ireland negotiated opt-outs from Schengen and continue to operate systematic border controls between themselves and other EU Member States.

    They have the capability to extract concessions from the European Union, because if England puts Tony Blair on Trial for the Illegal and Immoral war against Serbia in 1999, there will be many in the European Union who could find matters to be uncomfortable.

    I do not know the timing of England to do these things, but England will waste as much time as possible with Referendums, but they need the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to have no new work.

    This is because the English have Intelligence in the Brain, and they will try Tony Blair in England and have it look like Tony Blair is serving time in an English Jail.

    This English Jail will be different to what ordinary Criminal spend time in, because the English Elites are happy with Tony Blair.

    If Tony Blair does go to Jail, then his prison cell will have a fake wall where he will have access to an a plush underground palace, from which he will put on his disguises and pretend to be an ordinary unknown person.

    The English are clever, and they know that only the evidence at the Trial is what will be concentrating European People’s minds during the lengthy European Trial Process, and not speculation as to underground palaces that the English will describe as been fanciful and far removed from reality.

    The English are aware that they can falsely a Person’s Death long after that Person has left England for Scotland, and then have a fake cremation to cover up any evidence.

    I am only speculating: however, we are all certain that the English have plans to move to their proffered position of only having a Free Trade Agreement and Friendship with the European Union, because it is only Normal, Sensible, and Democratic for all European Countries to want the same things.