“Soon Come”; Ethiopian Regime on Life Support

“Soon come” as Jamaica’s Rastafarians say. In this case it applies to the end of the Ethiopian regime which is now in its terminal stage, in intensive care on life support and being kept alive only by an intravenous infusion of over $20 million a day in western “aid”.

While the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa maintains an almost surreal appearance of a thriving economy, reports by those who have traveled outside the capital speak of a life for Ethiopia’s “other” 75 million people that has changed very little since medieval times.

With some 90% of the population existing on $1 a day, with a large majority having no electricity, little or no clean drinking water, with 70% having never seen the inside of a school room, and medical care inaccessible for almost all, the stark contrast between what journalists are allowed to see in the capital and what lives the people lead in the countryside could hardly be more dramatic.

With ethnic based insurgencies growing nationwide alongside near record levels in the price of food, which consumes most of what little income the average Ethiopian has, and you could say the clock is ticking down towards the last days of a terminal regime.

The post Meles Zenawi leadership that now rules the country resembles a pack of hyenas circling its one, non-hyena member, Meles’ handpicked low level technocrat “acting” P.M. Hailemariam Desalegn, who is not from the ruling cliques ethnic minority.

While all the hyenas in the ruling party’s elite hate Desalegn, they have to keep an eye on each other as well, for if one tries to charge in and grab Desalegn by the throat, they may find themselves being hamstrung from behind by their erstwhile pack members in jealousy.

Having spoken with several firsthand witnesses to the situation outside Addis Ababa these past months, it seems clear that an explosion is coming that will tear the Ethiopian empire, an empire sewn together by the British and French as a bulkhead against the Italian incursion into East Africa over a century ago, apart at the seams.

With the natural gas rich Ogadenis in the south east and the Anuak in the 1 billion barrel oil rich west already up in arms demanding independence what the future holds for the remnants of the post Meles Zenawi regime presently on life support remains the 80 million person question.

“Soon come” is what the Jamaican ghetto born  and bred Rastafarians are apt to say when asked when some major change will come about and “soon come” in 2013 for the expiration of the I.C.U bedded Ethiopian regime surviving on life support alone, mark my words.

What the response by the western paymasters of the Ethiopian regime to its downfall will be remains to be seen but one thing is certain and that is one of the most strategically critical areas in the world will no longer be compliantly under the control of Pax Americana.

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Thomas Mountain

Thomas C. Mountain, author of “Storm Clouds Over South Sudan” in 2010 and “US Plan To Destabilize Sudan” in 2012 is a life long activist, educator and cultural historian, living and writing from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain_at_yahoo_dot_com. 

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  • Wallias

    I have to give it to you; you are a good propagandist albeit in service of a ruthless regime (willingly or otherwise). One day you will come out of your cocoon and see the Ethiopia that you continuous malign has moved on from the petty quarrelling with its naughty neighbour and focusing its energy on building a better future for its people. The improvement in people life, the many projects in all corners of the country, and the audacity of the many planned and ongoing endeavours are easy to witness.

  • Challa

    Many ignorant people in the past have badly prophesying about Ethiopia. None of their prophecy turned out to be true. Most of such people survive as long as conflict, disaster and misunderstanding exist in Africa. Because they get money by creating bad news. They collect fund which they abuse in the name of victims. Now the time you are collecting money by showing moving skeletons, disaster and war has passed. Change your strategy.

  • Amnyus

    Who is going to listen to this guy, he is one idiot who kissed up with the Eritrean despot….Ethiopia is flourishing there is nothing much you can do.. suckers

  • Robert

    “… over $20 million a day in western “aid”….”

    What? Do you know how much that is? 600 million a month? You actually write this crap to convince people of your propaganda or just you are getting tired of being a good propogandist? With the current European economic crisis, you want to tell people and make them believe that European spend 600 million a month on one country?

    If you are getting bored of being a propogandist, tell Isayas to find you something better to do. You are kind of getting rusty for this job, clown…

  • supper dump! your bullshit propaganda will have no ears.

  • Alem

    Dear Thomas
    I watched the interview you gave regarding TPLF of Ethiopia. I am sure what the Wikileakes said might be true. However you seems to have a very dishonest view on Eritrea. You seems to present Meles and the rest of Ethiopian regime as complete dictators but Isaya Afeworki is an angel who does not committee crime against humanity. In our country what have a word for this kind of dishonest person i.e. A dog barks wherever he gets his food. I think the bets policy for you is to do (say) the truth as it will emancipated you. I hope you will not this world before you start talking the truth!!