Cold Fusion and the Energy Crisis: to be or not to be?

While the year 2011 will be remembered for the remarkable progress in cold fusion achieved in Italy and more particularly by the E-cat reactors of Andrea Rossi, the year 2012 will be remembered for the slow progress of its recognition by the mainstream establishments.

Cold fusion, known also as LENR, is a new and safer type of nuclear energy that will rival the currently used unsafe nuclear power. Its advantages are unparalleled: a lack of radioactive waste and byproducts that could be used for a weapon; abundance of fuel (nickel) without the need for mining of radioactive uranium with the accompanying environmental contamination; much cheaper and scalable reactors from small to large size with the possibility of also being used as an energy source for a spaceship. The latter option is envisioned by NASA.

Nuclear energyThe presently used nuclear plants based on the uranium fission process are highly expensive installations in the range of billions of dollars. Such a high cost is driven by the special design requirements for safety and maintenance including the management of the radioactive waste. The price of nuclear energy includes not only this cost spanned for the time of active operation of the nuclear plant but also the cost of uranium mining and processing.

Nuclear energy has been commercially adopted since 1951. For the past 60 years, the amount of radioactive waste produced by all nuclear reactors on the Earth is about 225,000 metric tons and it grows by 12,000 tons per year. Such concentrated radioactive waste has not existed naturally in the Earth since the time of its creation about 4.5 billions year ago. In many nuclear plants, the radioactive waste from burned fuel rods is temporarily stored in the plant for an undetermined duration, and people are not aware of it until some nuclear accident happens. The nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011 was such a case.

 A question arises: Why is the new energy outside the view of energy policy makers? One of the problems is that we have an unprecedented case of a technological breakthrough that is considered impossible by main stream science. This may explain the initial denial and skepticism of the scientific establishment followed by silence in the official media. As a result, the energy policy makers continue their old way of planning and management of government funds. Apart from this, there is another no less important issue – a lot of money from interest groups is at stake.

In the era of the information superhighway we are living as in a global village, so the breakthrough in cold fusion cannot be left unnoticed. Sooner or later the new discovery will spread globally, bypassing the bureaucratic establishments. Some policy makers may expect this to happen, but they do not have the power to overcome the inertia. Nevertheless, following the voices of some scientists in favor of cold fusion, NASA hosted a LENR workshop in September 2011 at Glenn Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, where the feasibility of cold fusion and the pioneering work of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons was acknowledged for the first time, 22 years after their experiments. After so many years of denial and embarrassment, Martin Fleischmann survived to see the triumph of cold fusion technology by the E-cat reactor of Andrea Rossi, and he died on August 3, 2012. Despite the fact that the feasibility of cold fusion was recognized for the first time in a NASA workshop, this was not enough to dissolve the skepticism amongst the institutions of mainstream science.  However, some positive reactions took place. On September 16, 2011 US President Barack Obama signed a patent law reform bill that allows new technologies to be patented including cold fusion. It has been a known practice that a patent application could be refused if the physics is not explainable by the officially accepted theoretical models. The supporters of cold fusion may hope for challenging discussions at the next Annual meeting of the American Nuclear Society scheduled for June 2013 with a motto “Next Generation Nuclear Energy: Prospects and Challenge”.

One curiosity today is that while the research on cold fusion was deprived of government funding, billions of dollars have been spent and continue to flow for the expensive supercolliders in order to save the problematic Standard Model. The recent unconvincing result from the search for the elusive X boson  is a further disappointment for the supporters of the Standard Model.

During the last two decades, international scientific organizations were established by scientists who do not agree with the imposed canonized models in theoretical physics. The information highway opened the possibility for a new form of international collaboration. Today, these scientists are able to organize online workshops with a large international participation and  conferences, where new ideas can be discussed. The Natural Philosophy Alliance, established in 1988, counts thousands of members—scientists, engineers and researchers—worldwide.  Another large professional scientific organization is the Society for Scientific Exploration, founded in 1989 with a peer reviewed periodic journal JSE. The 31st Annual Meeting of this society with the motto Bonfire on the Paradigm was held on June 20-23, 2012, in Boulder, CO, USA. At this meeting the author of this article presented a talk entitled: Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation Unified Theory. The video-record of this talk is available on-line (part 1, part 2, part 3). The scientific paper is available from the physical archive

Scientific discoveries today face a new paradigm that did not exist a century ago. The bureaucratic establishment of mainstream science is against any fundamental change, and global monetary interests hang in the balance. The search for a solution to the energy crisis today remind us of the famous phrase in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: To be, or not to be: that is the question.  The answer to this question today with respect to cold fusion is not simple.

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Stoyan Sarg

Dr. Stoyan Sarg is Director of the Physics Research Department at the World Institute for Scientific Exploration. 

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  • Jordi Heguilor

    There has been no third party validation of the E-cat. Its demonstrations have been staged.

    • gaby de wilde

      Jordi Heguilor accuses people of fraud on the internets without providing sufficient evidence.

      A false accusation of fraud is an act of fraud.

      He seems to be doing this in an effort to obtain intellectual property not legally owed to him.

      We should consider adding extortion, libel and defamation to his list of crimes.

      If Jordi claims to be the victim of a crime he should report it to the proper authorities before announcing it as fact publicly.

      For 23 years we had to listen to nonsense like this. BLA BLA BLA BLA

      Sure you can have an opinion about things but when electrochemistry becomes irrelevant to electrochemistry everything you say can and will be laughed at in the internets court room.

      case dismissed

      • maryyugo

        Gaby, aren’t you the same person who used to write in favor of Steorn? How is their magnetic motor that was supposed to change the world doing these days? It’s only been SIX YEARS since it was announced and only three years since their own jury said it doesn’t work! Still believe them?

        Andrea Rossi is an obvious, prolific, and consistent liar. His claims are atrociously ridiculous.

        Defkalion has lied as much as Rossi. Their absurd claims have been reviewed elsewhere. They said they had multi-kilowatt desktop reactors under test years ago. Where are those now?

        Brillouin can’t even spell “hydorgen” in their charts. They have shown nothing. They are not credible.

        Celani seems honest but mistaken. He doesn’t use appropriate calorimetry.

        So far, the evidence that cold fusion / LENR is even possible or has ever been done is weak to vanishing under close examination, something you, obviously are unable to do.

        • Matt

          Are you the same Mary who clearly has some sort of agenda here? Are you the one who has posted the same old, same old crap on every single outlet that has dared to even write about CF/LENR for over the past year now. Umm? I wonder?

          • maryyugo

            Of course I have an agenda. I hate frauds and I want to see them exposed. Anything wrong with that?

    • Roger Bird

      Jordi, I am very frustrated with Rossi, but the jump from “There has been no third party validation of the E-cat.” to “Its demonstrations have been staged.” is unproven and childishly provocative. You have no basis other than your frustration and impatience to say that.

      • maryyugo

        Actually, Roger, if you just scroll down to Steven Krivit’s responses below and follow his link, you will find dozens of reasons to believe that Rossi’s demonstrations have been nothing but sleight of hand acts and staging.

  • The writing is on the wall. LENR is coming. It has become frustrating to see Scientist who are more interested in grants than in discovery. But sadly, this seems to have always been the case. Until some unconventional “Fool” like Rossi comes along and upsets the apple cart. You gotta love him for it.

  • G Zingh

    There has been no third party validation in the sense that third parties have not been allowed to setup their own experiments, but staged is too strong a word.

    Instead what has been allowed is more in the nature of several demonstrations where scientists and engineers have been allowed to bring in their own instruments and make their own measurements.

    Rossi has stated that only a working unit in a commercial setting will satisfy most skeptics and it seems we are still at least 6 months away from that happening.

    • lenr

      The e-cat will always be 6 months away

      • Roger Bird

        Seems like. Or, an every better one is in development and we are waiting for it to start to be produced. Or something like that.

  • dragonX

    The World is moved only by facts.
    Fact: Rossi is not selling publicly any ECAT plants or generators right now. He is imposing a TOTAL blackout on any information taht might be constructed as evidence ECAT exist and works as stated by him. So right now ECAT it is only a myth.

    The World will notice it once ECAT is “out in the open” to be looked at and tested by various 3rd parties from scientific, media and business community.

    If anybody wants more coverage of ECAT until then, please make Rossi show it to the world in a satisfying manner.

  • Using words like “myth” is just asinine. Rossi has an apparatus that says works, we’ve seen it. But, no one has yet publicly and independently verified it. However, he does seem to have a variety of people around him that vouch for it, so we have some circumstantial evidence.. thus we have to wait until that time when we do. Meanwhile, there are other players like Brillouin Energy, Defkalion and Prof. Celani that say the method works. So to go around saying that LENR is a myth or is a scam, words like that are just out of place at this point.
    You could use words like “maybe overly optimistic” or “may still need development” are more in line with a current truthful sentiment.

  • maryyugo

    Rossi has never allowed a single independent test of his claimed technology. Both Defkalion and Rossi claim kilowatt levels of power sustained for months without fresh fuel. That is a ridiculously easy claim to test properly without any risk to intellectual property yet such tests have never been done.

    Both Defkalion and Rossi change their stories– Rossi almost daily. Both have made promises of independent testing and publication and over several years, not a SINGLE such test or publication has seen the light of day.

    Wright and Krivit have independently documented dozens (Krivit) and HUNDREDS (Wright) of lies and inconsistencies on the part of Rossi’s unending stream of posts on his blog and in interviews.

    Yet somehow, you still believe that Rossi has something. Well he probably does. What he probably has (and this applies also to Defkalion) is an investor and distributor scam. There is no evidence for anything else.

    It’s helpful to do your homework. Evidence you did not is your link to what should be the official ecat web site. Instead, it’s a “fan site” by Sterling Allen and has been repudiated specifically as inaccurate by Rossi himself. So much for this article! Absolute nonsense.

    • Greg Goble

      Besides all that, there is this…
      maryyugo you may enjoy the irony of this…

      Search LENR at the U.S. Feds site (hundreds pop up)… choose year 2012 and you get these, hmmm…

      There you will find this negating cold fusion:

      “A Realistic Examination of Cold Fusion Claims 24 Years Later A whitepaper on conventional explanations for ‘cold fusion’”
      Kirk L. Shanahan
      Oct. 22, 2012

      Yet the government disclaims his negation.

      Contract No:
      This document was prepared in conjunction with work accomplished under Contract No. DE-AC09-08SR22470 with the U.S. Department of Energy.

      This work was prepared under an agreement with and funded by the U.S. Government. Neither the U. S. Government or its employees, nor any of its contractors, subcontractors or their employees, makes any express or implied:
      1. warranty or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or for
      the use or results of such use of any information, product, or process disclosed;
      2. representation that such use or results of such use would not infringe privately owned rights; or 3. endorsement or recommendation of any specifically identified commercial product, process, or service. Any views and opinions of
      authors expressed in this work do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government, or its contractors, or subcontractors.

  • I write books on cold fusion. The latest “Energy, Cold Fusion”, and Antigravity is at Amazon in Kindle and paper back.

    • maryyugo

      Fiction or non-fiction?

  • Maryyugo the Dark Troll Lord of Andrea Rossi and the E-cat.

    Her or his comments go well beyond skepticism.

    1. If anyone has been “scammed” I’m sure they would let us all know.

    2. Who in their right mind, with the kind of money needed for this type of investment, would invest in an invention like this unless they verified and had proof that it worked?

    3. If Rossi has what he say he has all of the speculation ans parsing of his words is moot.

    4. Regardless if Rossi has what he says he has LENR should be researched further.

  • karl22


    Many scientists and engineers are putting their lives to try to produce something wonderful. They all deserve enormous respect, even if they make mistakes.

    On the other hand, you and a few other guys are doing everything possible to unfairly destroy their credibility with an eagerness reminiscent of hyenas when they stalk their prey.

    Evidently, you should be veeeeery well paid for being doing what you are doing. It is that or else you have a true psychotic mind.

    Apparently, your unique occupation is ‘Trollear’ against the LENR community as if your life depended on it.

    Pease, Stop. Let time put everyone in their place.

    I do not know anyone who says they have been scammed by Rossi, Defkalion, etc. If you know someone let us know. If not, please shut up and stop saying stupid things.

    • maryyugo

      OK Karl. I’m a psychotic well paid person. That makes sense. I don’t suppose you could try addressing the issues I raise rather than making personal attacks?

    • lenr

      there are lots of documented people scammed by rossi. Google “petroldragon”. Rossi served jail time for that scam. He also had a U.S. defense contract for generating electricity from waste heat that failed to work.

  • Dr Sarg, why don’t submit your Supergravitation Unified Theory to LENR-CAN dot ORG or iscmns dot org? (reference sites about LENR).
    Jean-Paul Bibérian told me that LENR referees are waiting for you…

  • Mary Yugo is just as bad as the first guy. She constantly tries to keep Big Oil ahead of all the competitive technology. She is a serial innovation-killer.

    • maryyugo

      Joe, you seem well intentioned and capable and very misguided, all at the same time. How do you explain all the lies, contradictions, missed schedules, hidden testers, secret clients, and all the ridiculous nonsense copiously spewed out by Defkalion and Rossi? Are you really following closely? Why don’t you ask Rossi to get independent testing by Jed Rothwell who is both willing and able to do it properly?

      How do you think I could stop a valid cold fusion technology as an anonymous blogger if it really existed? Isn’t that idea absurd?

      (this is my second try at replying– for some reason, the first try didn’t post)

    • Jordi Heguilor

      I guess I’m the ‘first guy’. Well, if I were in the payroll of the big oil corporations I guess I’ll be writing this from my private jet instead of my home computer in Uruguay.

      Nope, I’m not a highly paid shill for Exxon, just someone trying to bring a little common sense to this Rossi cult.

  • Rossi is not in a vacuum. He is one of many who are reporting LENR.

    Here ( is a partial list of those reporting the reaction using nickel. (There’s also the palladium community.)

  • Keef Wivanef

    “Frank ZnidarsicReply
    December 1, 2012 at 4:46 am
    I write books on cold fusion. The latest “Energy, Cold Fusion”, and Antigravity is at Amazon in Kindle and paper back.”

    Dozens of “authors” selling books, magazines and videos making money from the Ecat fantasy.

    Nothing will ever convince them that Saint Andrea is actually a sleazy convicted criminal con-artist, incorrigible liar, environmental vandal and all round are soul.

    Hey Rossi, take your Ecat and shove it up yer fundamental orifice!

  • Owen

    Ignore the pathological skeptics. Obviously the oil and gas industries have the money to hire endless trolls to do their bidding. Do your own research with an open mind and learn about the thousands of replications by major universities and labs. (major site with thousands of reports)
    Hunt Utilities Group (Celani replication project)

  • Hello Dr. Sarg,

    Thank you for writing about the progress of Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction research. I certainly share your enthusiasm and hope. Someday, I am sure we will see commercial LENR devices, but today is not the day. As I stated two weeks ago at the American Nuclear Society LENR session, Rossi’s work is neither science nor technology. This became blatantly clear to me when I visited Rossi in Italy and he inadvertently revealed to me on camera that his device was fake. We have documented and published all of this in great detail on the New Energy Times Web site. But Rossi has a remarkable talent for spin and fan-building and the facts are easily drowned out by the noise.

    My first article on our LENR session American Nuclear Society is online now.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance,

    Warm regards,
    Steven B. Krivit
    Editor, New Energy Times

  • Dear Steven Krivit,
    The cold fusion in Italy pioneered by Francesco Piantelli in 1989 was extended by local inter-university centers in Bologna (Focardi, Campari) and Sienna (Piantelli, Gabbani, Montalbano, Veronesi). A scientific report published by the Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Environment in 2008 is on-line.
    This and other scientific papers by Focardi I examined carefully. Sergio Focardi, a professor emeritus at University of Bologna worked with Rossi and openly supports his claims and achievements.

    • Hello Dr. Sarg,

      Yes, I know quite a lot about Focardi’s endorsement of Rossi. I had the privilege to meet Focardi in 2011 and I’ve had the privilege to meet and interview Piantelli several times as well.

      Focardi and Piantelli performed serious and credible scientific work. But unfortunately, when Focardi met Rossi, Focardi trusted Rossi blindly and Focardi’s ego clouded his judgment. Focardi said: “Though I should not be the one to say, this is the biggest scientific discovery in the history of mankind.”

      If you go here,, you’ll see that I’ve covered Rossi’s background as a convicted fraud, a toxic environmental polluter and a person who has made countless contradictory statements during the last few years about his “work” with LENRs. Of particularly note, I suggest you look at the Chronology and Dramatis Personae.

      The Rossi spectacle is just that. Nobody has ever seen large amounts of steam from Rossi’s experiments. The Swedish scientists who went there overlooked this fact. Quite a few people who should know better fell into what is something like a mass hallucination.

      Of course, any moment now, some of Rossi’s followers will begin their personal attacks against me. They might even call me names. But this is expected. Nobody likes feeling ashamed that they were fooled.

      Warm regards,


  • Gigi

    Le dimostrazioni di Rossi sono avvenute a Bologna diverse volte, alla presenza di molti giornalisti.
    Erano prove private, non verificabili da parti terze, ma non è mai risultato che Rossi abbia “confessato” alcunchè.
    L’americano Steven Krivit è giornalisticamente inattendibile perchè è prevenuto, e ha come unico scopo di demolire la figura pubblica di Rossi.
    In Italia la diffamazione è un reato, anche in America?
    E’ lo stesso Krivit che ha scambiato il laboratorio di Rossi per un negozio di Pneumatici, vero?

  • Yes Gigi, I am very familiar with Rossi’s reputation with the rest of the media in Italy.

    He’s been in the news in Italy for more than two decades. Here’s a list of only 105 news articles about him.

  • Gigi

    Krivit, la “storia criminale” di Rossi si è conclusa nel 2004 con l’assoluzione per tutte le accuse più gravi: associazione a delinquere finalizzata al riciclaggio di rifiuti tossici e nocivi. E’ stato assolto dalla magistratura italiana per “insussistenza del fatto”. Rossi ha avuto sì delle condanne, ma solo per reati fiscali e legati allo stoccaggio del materiale.
    Inoltre mi dica: cosa c’entrano i processi degli anni ’90 con la recente vicenda dell’e-cat?
    Mi conferma che è lei che ha scambiato il laboratorio di Rossi a Bologna per un magazzino di pneumatici?

  • Hello Gigi,

    Yes, I understand that, according to Rossi, he has been absolved of all wrongdoing. I’ll keep that in mind while I re-read his history and reconsider whether this is a man whom I would trust.

    Corriere della Sera, March 29, 1995, Pg. 11

    Il sostituto procuratore Salvatore Bellomo, con l’ aiuto della Guardia di Finanza di Milano, ha ricostruito attorno al personaggio Andrea Rossi una storia molto complicata, fatta di fatture fasulle, operazioni finanziarie inesistenti e misteriosi flussi di metalli preziosi: piu’ precisamente, vendite oltreconfine di decine di chili d’ oro, il cui passaggio pero’ non ha lasciato traccia in nessuna frontiera italiana.

    The deputy prosecutor Salvatore Bellomo, with the help of the Guardia di Finanza in Milan, has reconstructed around the character Andrea Rossi a very complicated story, made of fake invoices, non existing financial transactions and mysterious flows of precious metals; more precisely,cross-border sales of tens of kilograms of gold, whose passage did not leave any trace in the Italian border.

    Per competenza territoriale, il fascicolo passa a Monza ea fine febbraio ‘ 95 il nuovo pm tira le somme: dopo aver iscritto nel registro degli indagati piu’ di venti persone, manda al gip Patrizia Gallucci la richiesta di cattura per cinque inquisiti, fra cui Andrea Rossi.

    Because of the local jurisdiction, the matter goes to Monza and at the end of February 1995, the new prosecutor sums up: After having indicted more than twenty persons, the investigating magistrate Patricia Gallucci sends the request for the arrest of five of the suspects, including Andrea Rossi.

    In carcere, assieme al “re del refluo petrolio”, finiscono tre suoi clienti, sospettati di essere stati al gioco di Rossi certificando una compravendita d’ oro per 5 6 miliardi mai avvenuta.

    In prison, together with the “King of the oil from waste,” there end up his three clients, who are suspected of having been certified the sale of ‘gold for 5-6 billion liras, which never happened.

    Il quinto uomo e’ invece Michele Pizzato, 46 anni, arcinoto negli ambienti della malavita, soprattutto nel Vicentino, in particolare per il suo passato di contrabbandiere di preziosi.

    The fifth man, instead, is Michele Pizzato, 46, very well known in the circles of the underworld, especially in Vicenza, in particular for his past as a smuggler of precious metals.

    Andrea Rossi comprava l’ oro dalla filiale monzese della Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, che evidentemente non si e’ mai curata dei suoi precedenti giudiziari, ne’ insospettita per i “passi da giganti” della St. Andre’.

    Andrea Rossi bought the gold from the Monza branch of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, who obviously never took into account his criminal record, nor it was made to worry by the “giant steps” of St. Andre’.

    Corriere della Sera, March 28, 1996 Pg. 49
    Il petrolio “riciclato dai rifiuti” non e’ mai esistito, l’ ex raffineria “Omar” di Lacchiarella non ha mai distillato alcun prodotto commerciabile e tutti i trasferimenti di reflui dagli altri centri di stoccaggio sono avvenuti senza le obbligatorie autorizzazioni regionali: ieri e’ definitivamente naufragata, con una doppia condanna alla Pretura di Milano e alla Corte d’ appello di Torino, l’ avventura ecologico finanziaria dell’ imprenditore brianzolo Andrea Rossi, 45 anni, ex titolare della “Petrol Dragon” di Caponago e di Lacchiarella.

    The oil from “recycled waste” never existed, the ex-refinery “Omar” of Lacchiarella has never brewed any marketable product, and all transfers of waste from other storage facilities occurred without the required permits regional. Yesterday it was permanently wrecked, with a double sentence from the Court of Milan and the Appeal court of Turin, the ‘ecological and financial adventure of the financial entrepreneur from Brianza, Andrea Rossi, 45, former owner of “Petrol Dragon.”

    Due anni fa l’ ex Omar era stata chiusa su proposta del verde Carlo Monguzzi, assessore regionale all’ Ecologia, dopo un sequestro effettuato dalla polizia forestale: un’ autocisterna proveniente dai depositi della Petrol Dragon presso l’ ex Fidom di Piossasco (Torino) era stata sorpresa a scaricare alla Omar circa 10 tonnellate di solventi esausti con forti tracce di policlorobifenili.

    Two years ago the ex-Omar had been closed on the proposal of Carlo Monguzzi environment councilor, after a seizure by forestry police a tanker coming from the deposits of Petrol Dragon at the ex Fidom Piossasco (Torino) was found to be downloading to Omar about 10 tons of waste solvents with strong traces of polychlorinated biphenyls.

  • Hi folks. I’ve been pursuing new ways to look at nuclear closed-shell numbers for the past couple of years, which may (or may not) impact LENR work. In a nutshell the for the anisotropic oscillator Nilsson model (an idealization ignoring spin-orbit coupling) I’ve found that these numbers are based on Pascal Triangle combinatorics. Most nuclei are ellipsoids rather than spherical, and can be defined with an axial ratio. I’ve discovered that for these idealized nuclei magic numbers are determined by double triangular number increments. If the axial ratio has y/x (polar/equatorial) then one will find y counts of every double triangular number in the running sequence of closed shell numbers. Further, distances between every x closed shell number will also be a double triangular number. I’ve also now been looking at real data, and have found other Pascal patterning in the closed-shell (magic) numbers. With spin-orbit term added things become a bit more complicated, but are equally motivated at least for spherical nuclei and neutron counts. People don’t realize just how much contention there is in the field with regards to adequacy of theoretical shell-based modeling. In any case I’m hoping that my purely mathematical findings will have bearing on LENR work in the future, for example in helping determine the best isotope ratios in fuel mixtures. The Pascal based math is also evident in the Miley data, something completely unexpected.

  • Stephen Schweter

    I hope this becomes a reality,if it proves to work it will still have an uphill battle. uuless this becomes available directly to the consumer without the Gov getting in the way as they are know to do with every aspect of our lives at every level you may think of.if it isn’t made maintainable be the consumer and not done on a lease basis it would stand a chance but only if we can keep the GOV. at all levels out of the way. I do hope it is real and will be proven at some time in the near future.It does have the hope for a better future for all if done right.
    Peace to all
    Stephen Schweter

  • Greg Goble
  • GreenWin

    Lots of hilarious Kirviture in these comments. But Swedish Public Television has done their own investigation on Rossi’s e-cat and aired i Dec 17, in their program “World of Science.” Here with English subtitles…

    It appears the adhom attacks are failing dramatically with the SVT broadcast reaching 3.3 million viewers.

    • Al Potenza

      The Swedish show is badly done. The editing is haphazard and the right questions are studiously avoided.

      What was needed was an incisive interview with Rossi asking why he has not gotten independent verification of his claims by a RELIABLE and credible third party.

      Kullander should have been asked about the missing isotopic data he promised a year ago on the copper residue he was given by Rossi.

      Defkalion should have been asked to show the 20 kilowatt tabletop reactors they claimed they had two years ago (in their forum).

      I don’t know what “ad hom” attacks you are talking about. Many so-called investigators of cold fusion make wildly optimistic claims and none has yet delivered on the iron clad proof that any of them is true. What we have is a large collection of irreproducible and vaguely described claims for a process that has never been properly demonstrated.

      The video was vague and poorly done and did not ask the right questions or interview the right people.

  • Stoyan Sarg

    The Swedish movie is well done. It emphasizes on facts and arguments on both sides of the paradigm. The skepticism among the scientists who oppose the results is based on their belief that their understanding of nuclear fusion is a final true. For those who are impatient (scientists or not) the opposing argument is a third-party replication. However, Rossi may have a lesson from the case of Pons and Fleishmann that instead of initiating of officially supported research their discovery was debunked at the beginning by a poorly made third-party replication. This imposed the belief that the cold fusion is impossible and the education system was stuck on this opinion all these 23 years after that. Now the case is different because the output energy is not in watts but in kilowatts range and Rossi maybe decided to handle the initial research not disclosing the main secret. The movie showed a multiplication of E-cat reactors and if Rossi goes in this direction and sell a kilowatt system the third party replication will not be necessary.

    • Al Potenza

      With due respect, Dr. Sarg, the Swedish video should have asked hard questions of Rossi and Defkalion, the only two claimants of kilowatt levels of power, neither of which has given any credible proof.

      Pons and Fleischman had more than twenty years and 40 million dollars to improve on their original experiments and they never did. That’s their problem and not any so called debunking.

      Rossi can prove that his invention is real by allowing independent testing as a “black box”. That would not, as you suggest, risk his intellectual property. He has never done that. Rossi also has never sold any type of ecat to anyone who would admit buying it, much less testing it. Rossi changes his story and makes new completely incredible claims almost daily. He never delivers on ANY of them. I have no idea why you would believe anything he says.

      You have to remember that Rossi is a convicted felon and that he bilked the Department of Defense of the USA out of millions of dollars for thermo-electric devices he could never deliver and which, most likely, never existed. That’s his past history and you should consider it. His current activities are identical to those of others who turned out to be investment scams such as Steorn, convicted felons Carl Tilley and Dennis Lee, and a company called Sniffex which was closed in the USA by the FTC.

      If you have any convincing hard and independent evidence that Rossi and Defkalion claims are reasonable and real, I wish you’d let us all know. I don’t think you can.

      • TPBurnett

        Your a little distorted on your facts, Al Potenza.
        But on your argument about independent testing of Rossi’s black box, you have to realize that Rossi is not a scientist trying to prove something. He is an engineer trying to produce a product to sell. Proving to his competitors that he has something real is counter to good business. He only needs to prove what he has to his customer.
        On Pons and Fleischman you suggest that nothing came from 40 million in research but while Pons and Fleischman never came up with a commercially viable device they did have improvements in producing the various LENR effects. They never found that the effect was an illusion or a mistake.

  • Angelo Perusco

    Beaurocracy and new ideas do not play well together. Scientific process should not hinder process.

  • ThisGuy

    Well done in citing the internet’s creation of high speed easy access of information for everyone.

    Cold fusion doesn’t work. It’s been tried to death in the ’50s and was abandoned in the ’90s, with a bunch of crackpots continuing to work on it without any results to this day. And the internet provides immediate access to this.

    A horrible piece of journalism that serves as nothing but to put more nonsense in the heads of a public that’s already been seduced by other forms of scientific quackery.

    • Roger Cotton

      Your investment in decrying CF is noted.

      The Can-Dos will ignore you, though.

  • Karl

    Thank to Internet there is no longer possible to filter one so called truth. That’s the difference with 1989 when main stream science and media controlled everything. It’s a pity for the majority of human and species that they were so effective about debunking and delaying research in Cold Fusion.

    I discovered Stoyan theories on the Internet recently and bought his books Basic Structure Of Matter and Field Propulsion. His theories about matter and universe offer explanations to many enigmas in Quantum Mechanics theories. The furious resistance from the main stream science to Cold Fusion is understandable as the majority of them are schooled convinced the QM model is correct.